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you're in or you're out

Braces got taken off today, I feel pretty amazing. Didn't have to go to school today either. I also got candy from my orthodontist, and I learned that Swedish Fish taste very, very good.
The Project Runway finale is on tonight, I'm very excited. I'm helplessly addicted to that show. I really hope Christian wins though, I think he's the most talented and has the most potential. However, by watching the finale tonight, I will probably only get four hours of sleep. I have to wake up at 3am to go to school for my trip to New York. 8am flights are fun, yes? I'm really excited though. It might snow on Saturday, which would be aboslutely amazing. I have also begun to really like my winter coat, I'm wearing it at this very moment actually. I have also found out that I'm absolutely horrible at packing by myself. We had to drop off our luggage at school this evening, and when I came home I found out that I had not left any jeans for me to wear for tomorrow and I had also forgotten my band shirt that we have to wear on Sunday when we come home. So I had to search through my drawers for an old pair of jeans to wear and luckily I can fit the shirt in my carry-on. I think everything else is pretty much okay though, at least I hope.

I'm so excited, I can't wait! 


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